Night Guard

Night Guard

A night guard is used to treat grinding and clenching known as bruxism.  Because bruxism most often occurs during sleep, many people are unaware of the condition.  Your teeth may show visible signs of wear upon exam and this nighttime grinding or clenching can have lasting effects on the overall health of your teeth.

The most common symptoms of Bruxism include:

  • Excessive wear on the teeth; teeth might be visibly worn down, chipped,
  • cracked or flattened
  • Chronic jaw, ear or facial pain
  • Tightness or fatigue in the jaw after waking up
  • Frequent tension or migraine headaches
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Indentations on the sides of the tongue

If diagnosed with bruxism, our patients will benefit from a custom fabricated night guard.  A custom night guard is made from a mold of the patient’s mouth and teeth which ensures that it will fit comfortably and protect the teeth from wear and tear.

We are dedicated to the long-term health of your teeth. If you think you might be grinding or clenching at night, experiencing the symptoms described above or simply want to learn more please give us a call or schedule an appointment.